TGGS academic programs

Academic programs

TGGS offers the following international M.Eng. and Ph.D. programs:

TGGS M.Eng. programs

The International TGGS M.Eng. Programs originate from the same international Master courses (taught in English) offered at RWTH Aachen University. They are similar in content, but adapted to the Thai education system in terms of credits and in the number of modules. The TGGS courses have been developed to better meet the industrial needs in Thailand through practical training in industry (mandatory project-oriented internships and industry-oriented Master theses). The direct participation of RWTH professors, contributing by block lectures in Bangkok, and by building up industry links, makes sure that the teaching contains elements of advanced engineering practice and research.

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For outstanding students, opportunities are provided to experience an internship in Germany and to write the Master thesis in Germany as well under the supervision of RWTH Aachen University professors.

Currently, TGGS offers the following international M.Eng. Programs:

Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering (website)

Department of Electrical and Software Systems Engineering

  • Electrical and Software System Engineering (ESSE)

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    TGGS Ph.D. programs

    The TGGS Ph.D. Programs provide opportunities for Ph.D. work under the joint supervision of a German and Thai supervisor (German RWTH professor with a Thai professor acting as the co-supervisor). Part of this program is a one-year research stay at RWTH Aachen. For high-level Ph.D. work, to a large extent conducted on industry-oriented research projects, RWTH Aachen provides excellent boundary conditions in terms of experienced research supervisors, advanced technology equipment and project funding. The Ph.D. degree obtained at TGGS is a Thai degree within the framework of CHE, the Commission of Higher Education.

    Currently, TGGS offers the following international Ph.D. Programs:

    • Doctor of Engineering Program in Electrical and Software Systems Engineering (ESSE)
    • Doctor of Engineering Program in Mechanical Engineering (ME)
    • Doctor of Engineering in Chemical and Process Engineering (CPE)
    • Doctor of Engineering in Materials and Production Engineering (MPE)

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    If you need more information please contact the TGGS academic service team:

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