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Mechanical Engineering (Simulation and Design)
Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is a multidisciplinary research area. CFD can be used to simulate the fluid flow with heat and mass transfer. CFD is composed of 2 main parts: a CFD code and physical modeling.

Pressure contour on the sphere surface simulated by CFD research lab’s in-house CFD code and displayed by PARAVIEW freeware (flow from left to right).

CFD research in MESD at TGGS is emphasized on both the CFD code development and the complex- and challenging-flow modeling. A series of in-house CFD codes for unsteady three-dimensional incompressible laminar, transitional & turbulent flows has been developed based on the finite-volume method using both unstructured and structured meshes and powered by MTEC [1]. Transitional flow is a challenging topic for mathematical and physical modeling. A new \gamma-k_{L} transition model has been developed to successfully simulate the natural transition [2] and the bypass transition [3] & [4].

References (selected):

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