Annual TGGS student meeting 2016 in Aachen, Germany

Over 15 students and alumni came to meet TGGS Dean and the executive team to exchange their experience about research work and life in Germany.

On the evening of May 5th 2016, TGGS students who are currently doing their internship and master thesis research work as well as several TGGS alumni gathered for the annual TGGS student meeting in Aachen, Germany.

The students also took the initiative to start an online community in order to share information regarding study and living in Aachen. This is to help future TGGS students who are interested in coming for his/her research work at RWTH Aachen to have some prior knowledge before they actually come to Germany. The online community will also help student in Thailand to get in touch with those who are currently working in the research lab at RWTH Aachen university to get themselves ready for the awaiting academic challenges and the culture difference.


We wish all TGGS students the best of success for their studies!